Mission & Vision


CAN is a partnership of governmental, non-profit, private and faith-based organizations which leverage mutual resources to collectively improve social, health, educational and economic opportunities in our community.


Our richly diverse community will be healthy, safe, educated, just and compassionate where all people work together to achieve their full potential and celebrate their lives.

Our Community Vision

We achieve our full potential.

  • We have the education, skills and opportunities to achieve our full potential and lead meaningful, joyful lives.
  • We have adequate income, resources and supports to live independent lives.

Our basic needs are met.

  • We live in a community where the basic needs of all are met.
  • We live in affordable and stable housing with access to open space and public amenities.
  • We have safe, affordable, accessible and reliable transportation.

We are healthy.

  • We live, work, learn and play in accessible, safe, clean and healthy physical environments.
  • We have adequate nutrition and achieve and maintain optimal physical and behavioral health.

We are safe, just and engaged.

  • We are free from abuse, neglect, crime, violence and injustice.
  • We respect and value diversity.
  • We are aware, socially connected, and contribute to our neighborhoods, individual communities, and the community at large.
  • We have the opportunity and willingness to lead by utilizing our talents, passions and interests to improve the community.

These community vision statements were shared with the CAN Councils, Issue Area Groups and at the annual CAN Retreat throughout 2008. After much discussion and many revisions, these statements were approved by the CAN Board of Directors on December 13, 2008.

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