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About the CAN Community Council

The CAN Community Council is one of two Councils that guide the work of the Community Advancement Network.  The CAN Community Council is a self-appointed body that is comprised of up to 30 individuals who reflect the diversity of interests, concerns, organizations, issues and populations of the Central Texas community.   The role of the Community Council is to provide a link between the community at large and the policy makers and elected officials who serve on the CAN Board of Directors.

For a list of current members, meeting agendas and minutes, and copies of presentations shared at meetings, visit the others pages in this section of the site (see tabs above).

The duties of the CAN Community Council are:

  • Act as a liaison between the CAN Board of Directors and the community.
  • Raise community awareness about issues by providing a non-partisan forum for the exchange of information on community conditions and efforts to address needs.
  • Foster, encourage and enhance collaborative efforts whenever possible.
  • Consider the impacts of recommended collaborative strategies on vulnerable populations and across issue areas.
  • Report and make recommendations to the CAN Board of Directors.
  • Encourage community involvement in assessment, planning, and implementation processes.

Selection of CAN Community Council Members

People interested in serving on the CAN Community Council are welcome to apply at any time during the year. Candidates are strongly encouraged to attend a Community Council meeting prior to being considered for service. The Community Council especially invites prospective new members to attend the August or September meetings which will be preceeded with a brief orientation for people interested in learning more. Click on the "Meetings" tab above to find out when meetings will be held. All meetings of the Community Council are open to the public.

The deadline for CAN Community Council applications has been extended through Monday, October 3, 2016. The Community Council may elect up to 10 members to serve three-year terms to begin in January of the following year, and may also choose to fill unexpired two-year terms. The election of new members will occur at the regularly scheduled Community Council meeting in October or November. All applicants will be notified of status of their application once this vote has occurred.


To submit you application by email, please contact CAN Assistant Director Mary Dodd at

Please send your contact information, including physical mailing address, as well as your responses to the following (Please limit answers to any one question to 500 words or less.):

  1. Why are you interested in serving on the CAN Community Council?
  2. Please state your employment, volunteer organizations or other community activities you are engaged in that you believe will help you to fulfill your duties as a CAN Community Council member.  State the title or role you fulfill in each.
  3. What specific interests, concerns, organizations, issues and populations do you believe you can represent on the CAN Community Council?
  4. How will you go about communicating the information you learn through your service on the CAN Community Council to the various organizations, groups and populations you are connected with?
  5. Please list 2 community references who can tell us about your community experience. For each reference, please provide:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • email address
    • How does this person know you?
  6. Thank you for your interest in the CAN Community Council.

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