CCDI TOOLKIT HIGHLIGHTS: Resources Relating to Asians & Asian American Community

CCDI TOOLKIT HIGHLIGHTS: Resources Relating to Asians & Asian American Community

CCDI Toolkit Includes Resources Relating to the Wide Ranging Cultures and Nationalities Comprising  the Asian American Community

CAN has kept equity, diversity, and inclusion at the forefront of its work and developed a toolkit to provide resources to organizations and individuals to encourage diversity and inclusion. CAN created the Cultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion (CCDI) Toolkit in 2014 as a place for organizations and individuals to access resources that promote diversity, inclusion and the practice of cultural competency. The toolkit was updated in 2017 to include more up to date resources as well as an updated framework. The current CCDI Toolkit includes sections that discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion, the framework of the CCDI, guides and assessments, resources for organizations, resources for individuals, resources for specific populations, and training opportunities.

One part of the CCDI toolkit highlights resources for specific populations. This section includes 15 different groups that are broken down by age, race, ability, nationality, sexuality/ gender identity, etc. Each section including research and resources specific to that group’s needs in the community. For example, if a person were to visit the CCDI Toolkit Resources for Specific Populations, you’ll find resources for Asian and Asian American Communities, Black and African American Communities, Latino/a/x Communities, Native and Indigenous Communities, and Racial/Ethnic Minorities. We will take a deeper dive into what can be found under the Asian and Asian American Communities tab and what we are referring to when we say “Asian and Asian American Communities.”

Asian and Asian American refer to a wide range of cultures and nationalities, spanning more than twenty countries across East and Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, and the Indian Subcontinent. In 2017, over 20 million Asian Americans traced their roots to this expansive geographic region. The CCDI Toolkit includes a fact sheet that breaks down sociodemographic and economic information for the multiplicity of identities that fall under the umbrella term “Asian American.” It also includes a database about health issues and barriers for Asian Americans, culture cues, a cultural competency manual, an Islam diversity guide, multicultural history, a guide to working with Asian American families. Along with resources to help people and organizations understand Asian American culture and how to best serve Asian American community members, it provides resources to Asian Americans to help them plug in to their community. The CCDI includes links to the Asian American Resource Center, which seeks to provide services, resources, and programming through an Asian and Pacific Islander perspective, and the Asian American Cultural Center, which provides spaces and facilities for the sharing of the Eastern and Western cultures that shape the Asian American experience.

There are similar resources available listed for each of the races included in the CCDI. The toolkit is designed for individuals and organizations that provide services within the community.  Individual service providers looking to increase their knowledge and understanding and enrich their practice, as well as organizations looking to become more diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent. However, anyone looking to learn more about cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion may find this resource helpful.

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