basic needs are met

Our Basic Needs Are Met




of Travis County Residents WERE HOMELESS ON A GIVEN DAY

Source: Project HELP



  • (ECHO) serves as the lead planning entity that coordinates the application process for, and management of the Continuum of Care (CoC) homeless services funding through HUD. ECHO helps homeless agencies implement Coordinated Assessment, a tool that ensures people are referred to the most appropriate services.
  • HUD awarded a $5.2 million grant to Austin/Travis County in January 2017 to end youth homelessness through an initiative lead by ECHO and Lifeworks.
  • ECHO is one of six entities nation-wide selected for a Pay for Success initiative. ECHO is working with Central Health, Travis County and the City of Austin to evaluate what savings our community can realize by providing services to people experiencing chronic homelessness who are high utilizers of crisis emergency services. By investing about $28,000 per person on housing, intensive case management and other services, the community can achieve a projected cost   avoidance of about $50,000 per person due mostly to fewer emergency room visits, hospital visits and jail stays.
  • In August 2016, Austin became the 29th community nationwide to have effectively ended Veteran homelessness. This was achieved by building an unprecedented system led by Mayor Steve Adler’s leadership, strategic collaborations, and new housing strategies.