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An Estimated

91 %

of Central Texas students GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL

Source: E3 Alliance



  • Austin Community College works with area school districts to create stronger connections between high school and college. ACC Tech, Early College Start, and Early College High School ease the transition to post-secondary education by providing opportunities for high school students to complete college credit while in school.
  • Pathways of Promise is an initiative by the E3 Alliance to research how to improve middle school math success, especially for under-served populations. Partners of Pathways to Promise include 18 school districts and post secondary institutions that are committed to increasing the percentage of students who pursue more rigorous mathematics pathways and who enter college within the first year of graduating from high school.
  • You must be present to learn. Students who attend school regularly and who do not change schools during the school year are more likely to graduate on time. “Missing School Matters” is a partnership of multiple partners focused on improving school attendance. The goal is to increase attendance by an average of three school days per student. The State of Texas funds schools based their Average Daily Attendance, so this increase in attendance would increase state funding to Central Texas schools by $34 million.