CAN Community Council Members 2019

  • Hunter Ellinger (Chair)
  • Nora Comstock (Vice Chair)
  • Laura Griebel (Immediate Past Chair)
  • Sandra Castillo
  • Ginny Fredricks
  • Kathleen Galvin
  • Ricardo Garay
  • Nancy Gilliam
  • Kirsha Haverlah
  • Myneeka Holloway
  • Aletha Huston
  • Jenny Jensen
  • Thomas Martinez
  • Ara Merjanian
  • Caroline Reynolds
  • Nancy Sheppard Alderman
  • Alba Sereno

Joining the Community Council

Members elected to the CAN Community Council commit to serve a three year term that begins in January and runs through December. The Community Council generally meets on the third Monday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. The meeting agenda focuses on important issues facing our community.

According to the bylaws of the Community Advancement Network, the duties of the CAN Community Council are:

  • Act as a liaison between the CAN Board of Directors and the community.
  • Raise community awareness about issues by providing a non-partisan forum for the exchange of information on community conditions and efforts to address needs.
  • Foster, encourage and enhance collaborative efforts whenever possible.
  • Consider the impacts of recommended collaborative strategies on vulnerable populations and across issue areas.
  • Report and make recommendations to the CAN Board of Directors.
  • Encourage community involvement in assessment, planning, and implementation processes.

Selection of Community Council Members

People who apply to serve on the CAN Community Council may apply at any time during the year. Applications received by December 15, 2018 will be reviewed by a Nominations Committee selected from current Community Council members. The Community Council may elect up to 6 members for new three-year terms and may also choose to fill unexpired two-year terms. Click Here to fill out an on-line application.