Resources for Individuals

Here you will find resources for providing services and engaging with others in a culturally competent manner. For resources on the macro application of cultural competence please visit the Resources for Organizations page.

Documentary on Cultural Humility by San Francisco State University

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Description: This short 30-minute documentary introduces viewers to the basic principles of cultural humility, which include lifelong learning, changing power imbalances and developing institutional accountability. The material is enriched with interview footage of specialists from communities around the world.

National Center for Cultural Competence

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Description: This is a very extensive database of resources for practitioners, supervisors, and organizers to learn about cultural competence and assess areas for growth in their practice. The material is tailored towards medical and mental health practitioners.

Useful Resources Include:

  • A multitude of checklists to assess your practice for cultural competence here.
  • A personalized assessment test that provides an individual with an official report on their level of cultural competence. Registration and more information can be accessed here.
  • One-page PDFs about specific populations here.  
  • A variety of specialized online curricula for improving culturally competent practices here.
  • Online Leadership Academy: a 4-day online real-time leadership course offered every semester. Those interested must complete an application process.

Austin Community College (ACC) Diversity Guide

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Description: An interdisciplinary guide intended to serve as a portal to library and online resources related to diversity, equity, inclusion, cultural competency, and related social justice issues.

Useful resources include:

United for Sight

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Description: Here you will find a thorough and easy-to-read guide for individual practitioners working in a novel cultural setting. Learning modules include but are not limited to addressing ethnocentrism, adjusting to a different pace of life and practicing cultural humility. This resource is tailored for people working on implementing vision care but lessons are universal in applicability. Footnotes of additional resources are available.

Office of Mental Health of NYU

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Description: The New York State University offers nine courses, each under an hour, on ways of engaging, assessing and working with LGBTQ recipients, including parents and those suffering from mental health issues.

National Education Association: Diversity Toolkit

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Description: A page for teachers providing an introductory overview of cultural competency in classrooms. The page also provides information on related issues in the context of education such as class and income, gender identity, social justice and ESL among others.

University of Washington Bothell: Intercultural Competence Toolkit

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Description: This page provides a concise definition for educators on what cultural competence means, how it’s different from cultural humility, and strategies for increasing engagement of culturally diverse students in the classroom.

Minority Nurse

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Description: Minority Nurse is an organization for current and aspiring nurses of color with more than 100,000 enlisted practitioners.

Useful Resources Include:

Anti-Defamation League (Texas Only)

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Description: This organization deploys teams to address issues of minority hatred and exclusion. They handle complaints of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism and monitor extremists and domestic terrorists. This organization collaborates with schools, law enforcement and youth leadership programs and has response teams available to address minority hatred in institutions. Training curricula and discussion blogs are also available.

Contact information for immediate services: (512) 249-7960

Saldana’s Guide to Cultural Competency: A Practical Guide for Mental Health Service Providers

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Description: This guide explains cultural competency in mental health from its philosophical backbone down to specific practices and attitudes mental health professionals should integrate into their practice. The knowledge and advice imparted is useful for any service provider, not just mental health professionals.

Useful Resources Include:

  • Communication skills with clients of different cultures
  • Ways to build rapport with clients of different cultures
  • Strengths and risk factors to consider when working with clients of different cultures