2017 Deliberative Dialogue Topic: Safety and Justice: How should we ensure everyone feels safe in our communities?

The Community Advancement Network, in partnership with X, Y & Z, is hosting a series of Deliberative Dialogues on the topic of Safety and Justice, following the dialogue process and the issue framing developed by the National Issues Forum on this topic. Recently, the relationship between police and the communities they serve has become the focus of intense scrutiny, conversation and even protest. Many Americans are concerned that something is going on with violence, law enforcement, and race that is undermining our national ideals of safe communities and justice for all. The issue is difficult to talk about—and yet, we must, or this issue could tear our communities apart. Local dialogue partners will use the Safety and Justice issue guide developed by the National Issues Forum to have a deliberative dialogue on this important topic so that we as individuals may better understand the way we and others view the issues involved and, in so doing, identify areas of common ground.

Click here to download the Safety and Justice issue guide.

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