2018 Deliberative Dialogue Topic: What should we do about the Opioid epidemic?

CAN will host a series of Deliberative Dialogues in 2018 focused on the issue of how to address the Opioid epidemic. Drug abuse, a problem the United States has faced for decades, has taken a sharp and lethal turn with the rise of Opioids – both legal pain killers such as oxycodone and fentanyl and illegal ones like heroin. In 2015 and 2016, there were 299 deaths in the City of Austin that were attributed to drug overdose and 191 of these deaths were opioid related. Join an upcoming community dialogue to discuss this important issue:

Dialogue participants will explore options for addressing the Opioid epidemic, discuss possible solutions, and weigh the trade-offs involved for each. The facilitated conversations will help people better understand the issue from three very different perspectives and learn what other community members think and feel about the issue.The output from these conversations will help inform local policy makers and will also be incorporated into the results from the national conversations.

Volunteers Needed to Help Moderate Deliberative Dialogues

CAN will be training volunteers to help facilitate the Deliberative Dialogues on this topic. The Moderator Training will be FREE. Dates of training are to be determined. Email Jelina Tunstill, CAN’s Program Coordinator at if you’d like to be added to the invitation list for this training opportunity.

Small group moderators will be trained on how to facilitate this community dialogue. Moderators are asked to facilitate an 8-10 person table for at least one community dialogue, helping participants to talk respectfully and productively, and capturing notes from the conversation. Moderators will NOT join the conversation or offer opinions. They DO NOT have to be experts on the issue. We need people who are…

  • excited about supporting an important community conversation
  • committed to complete the training and moderating at least one community dialogue
  • bilingual in Spanish and English (welcome but not required)

Facilitator Training for Community Dialogues on the Opioid Epidemic (9/29 – 9am)

What you will receive…

  • Free skill-building training for how to facilitate small group discussions.
  • Useful tools you can apply in other settings.
  • Hands on experience in facilitating a community deliberative discussion.

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