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The CAN Equity Blog is an information resource where local, state and national data and research are used to better understand local equity challenges, local efforts to address equity challenges are highlighted, effective practices from other communities are examined, and ideas for expanding equity are advanced. Opinions expressed are those of CAN staff and not necessarily those of the CAN partner agencies. If you have any content that you would like to share on the CAN Equity Blog, please email that information to CAN’s Executive Director, Raul Alvarez:

CAN Equity Blog – Book Review: What Truth Sounds Like

August 9 2019 | Raul Alvarez

What Truth Sound Like: RKF, James Baldwin and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson This is the first of three reviews of books I am recommending to those seeking to gain a better understanding of the social, historical and political actions that are needed and dynamics that are at play when […]

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CCDI TOOLKIT HIGHLIGHTS: Resources Relating to Minority Mental Health

July 11 2019 | Carlos A Soto

Minority Communities are More Likely to Experience Poor Mental Health In 2008, July was designated as Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Typically, when thinking about the word “minority” we think about race/ ethnicity, but this month is meant to include any marginalized or underserved community, such as people identifying as LGBTQ+. The CAN Dashboard looks […]

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BY THE NUMBERS: 10 Reasons to Love the CAN Dashboard

May 22 2019 | Carlos A Soto

The CAN Dashboard is a rich source of local information about the socio-economic well-being of Austin and Travis County, and serves as a key resource for advocates, families, policymakers, and researchers for understanding our diverse, dynamic, and rapidly growing community. The CAN Dashboard  tracks 17 indicators that help us assess community well-being in four areas: […]

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