Selection of CAN Community Council Members

People interested in serving on the CAN Community Council are strongly encouraged to attend a Community Council meeting prior to being considered for service. The Community Council especially invites prospective new members to attend the August or September meetings which will be preceded with a brief orientation for people interested in learning more. Click here to view the meeting schedule. All meetings of the Community Council are open to the public.

The deadline for CAN Community Council applications is December 21, 2020. The Community Council may elect up to 6 members to serve three-year terms to begin in January of the following year. The election of new members will occur through a Nominations Committee made up of current Community Council members before the January 2021 regular scheduled meeting. All applicants will be notified of status of their application once this vote has occurred. An orientation of the Community Council will happen during the first meeting.

The CAN Community Council may choose to fill any of the positions that are currently vacant. A person selected to serve in a vacant position would serve for the remainder of the term that corresponds to that position. If you would like to be considered for a position that is currently vacant, then please submit an application prior to June 30, 2020.


To submit you application by email, please contact CAN Program Coordinator, Jelina Tunstill at

Please send your contact information, including physical mailing address, as well as your responses to the following (Please limit answers to any one question to 500 words or less.)

Thank you for your interest in the CAN Community Council.